Thursday, December 4, 2008

Final practice

Practical Online Shopping

Have you ever bought something through the online shopping site? After people invented the internet and developed it, nowadays, people who live all over the world go to the online shopping sites to find something they want. “The more than 184,000 consumers who paid money to the companies about which they were complaining paid a median amount of $214” (Robertson, 2008, para.2). It is really convenient because people do not have to go out and spend time to find what they want. By sitting in their home, people can find the information or products in a few minutes. However, online shopping has some dangers because it is easy to access to other people’s personal information easily. To buy products, people should put their personal information, such as address, social security number, and credit card number, on the web site. Sometimes, their information, even their money from a credit card number are stolen by a hacker. That is, online shopping has advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, people should use online shopping carefully.

Although online shopping has several dangers, people should use online shopping because of three advantages of online shopping, that online shopping makes it easy to find what they want at a cheaper price than offline, that people cannot develop the new technology unless people use their invention, and that people can save time by shopping in the internet.

First of all, online shopping makes it easier to find the product than offline shopping. Online shopping offers the ways to find something they want readily (Ball, 2008). Moreover, people can find the products they want by sitting in their room, even though the products are in different countries they have never been to. For example, when a Korean guy is finding Nike shoes, if he goes out to yhr shopping mall near his house, it would be really hard to find exactly what he wants at a cheap price because he cannot find all prices and kinds of shoes he wants. However, he can find a lot of kinds of Nike shoes all over the world among diverse prices, even in Japan, and America, if he goes shopping online. Hence, online shopping is a useful way to buy products.

Second, people cannot develop the new technology unless people use new technology, because of its dangers. Although online shopping has some dangerous side such as credit card numbers being stolen, and exposure of personal information, online shopping is the one of best inventions people have created (Five tips for safe online shopping, 2008). For example, if people do not use the online shopping because of fears, and have their personal information stolen by internet hackers, other scientists and technologists will not try to find other technologies to block the hackers with.? They do not have to find new technologies, because people are already safe. Nobody willingly submits to the dangers, and people do not have development. Therefore, people should try to use online shopping while trying to use new technologies to remove the dangers rather than avoiding the dangers.

Finally, people should use online shopping because it is a timesaver. It is because people do not have to spend much time to find products they want to buy. Just at one time, people can get all information about what they want. For instance, when Americans who live in Carbondale want to buy some clothes, they have to go to shopping malls that are far from Carbondale, like Saint Louis. If they can find clothes and order the clothes by shipping service, they do not have to go to places that is far and spend their time. As a result, they can save time by online shopping.

In conclusion, online shopping has disadvantages and dangers. “Credit-card companies lose about $1 billion a year to credit card fraud, while merchants lose about $10 billion annually, according to CardWeb” (Mulrean, 2008, para.8). In spite of the dangers, people should use online shopping because of convenience, possibility as a new technology, and saving time. Consequently, online shopping should be used.



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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Anna last work

My family is my most precious in my whole life. I’m only son in my family. Especially, people in Korea usually said only sons are rude and unkind to other people because their parents offer everything they want to have or do. So, the only sons do not respect other people. I have never been grown by my parents like that way. My parents always told me I should thank for everything and everybody near me. And, every situation depends on how people think about. As a child, I could not understand at all. My family is not rich and do not have many things compare to other people. In spite of that, I have never seen my parent’s fight or struggle. They always thank god for everything, even lack of thing. Although I was not a good student who had high grade, my parents always trust me and support me to do what I want in right ways. It enables me to have confidence and not to deviate from the right life ways. Now, I think I am really lucky because I was born by my parents. My second precious thing in my life is my friends. Although I really love my parents, always doing something with parents could not satisfy me. Not only does hanging around with friends make me fun, but it also enables me to learn something I cannot learn in the school. However, as time goes by and we grow up, it is not easy to make true friends and to spend time on hanging around with friends without anxiety. It was because we are getting have many things we have to do to become good social members. Third, a camera is my precious because I can record my memories with my family and friends.

Fluency Exercise #7 Differences Food

When I came to America from Korea, where I am from, I could not eat the American food. It was because most American food was too fatty and oily to me. Korean food has bland and a little hot taste. Many Koreans are crazy about spicy food. But, it is really healthier for people than American food, because most of them need to be fermented. Fermented food helps people digest and makes the body release toxins from their body through excretion. On the other hand, most American food is fast food, which is unhealthy for people. In addition, it is high in calories. Although I really wanted to cook Korean food, I had never cooked and did not know how to cook. However, I can cook all Korean food to a wonderful taste; I have tried to cook Korean food a lot.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fluency Exercise #6 Going on a trip

I really love to travel whenever I want to go somewhere. Especially, during vacation, I used to go on a trip to make my brain and mind refresh. New places, surroundings, and people I faced as I travel always make me refresh and have new determination. Vacations means time to relax and prepare for next steps. In order to relax, people need to go to new places. In this side, traveling is the best way to spend time during vacation. Especially, when I have to decide something important, I usually go on a trip by myself because it makes me honest with myself, and determined strongly. Before I came here, I went to Europe, including France, England, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and Austria. Europe is one of the favorite places tourists want to go once. Not only did I really enjoy talking with other travelers in English, but I also made up my mind to prepare for coming to America for studying English.

Monday, November 17, 2008


November 17, 2008
Wikipedia is the way online to share each person’s knowledge. Not only can everybody get knowledge for free, but everybody can also share their own knowledge. “Seven per cent of all internet users now visit the site every day” (Martin, 2008, para.13). And, the number of users of Wikipedia has grown for six years. People feel free because they can share their knowledge anytime anonymously because it is useful for people. On the other hand, some educators are worried about how fake knowledge in Wikipedia affects to people who are not professional enough to distinguish truthfulness of knowledge (Lengel, 2006).
In fact, some information in Wikipidia is sometimes not professional knowledge. “history department had banned the citation of Wikipedia for history papers and exams” (Byers, 2007, para. 1). Besides, sometimes, people who use Wikipedia with ill feeing can post wrong information purposely (Martin, 2008).
The best way to get new knowledge is when somebody answers to what one wants to know. It is the best advantage of Wikipedia. Because of that advantage, people go to Wikipedia to get information. “Approximately 38 million people visited the English version of the site in December, 2006” (Byers, 2007, para. 2). In addition, people can access Wikipedia readily. And, anyone can approach Wikipidia anytime to post knowledge and get what they want (Martin, 2008).

Monday, November 10, 2008


I don’t think that people who spend time by themselves are strange. But, it is not interesting to me. I am an only son in my family. I always liked my friends as a child, but I don’t know that it is because of the fact that I’m an only son or not. I like to hang around with friends when I am so happy. Usually, when I am so sad, I hide my feeling and try to forget what makes me sad by being fun with friends. But, I sometimes need to be alone to think something about which I need to think. Especially, when I focus on something, I think I should not be with other people. I have to focus on that I’m thinking about. When I spend my time by myself, I like to sleep, watch movies, or listen to music that makes me relax. But, some kinds of sad feeling hardly happen in my mind. So, I think I am an optimist because I think of my bad situations as past if I cannot fix the situation. People who like to be alone without anybody are usually worried about something too much. Scientists said 80% of anxiety about which people think is what will not happen. So, I don’t like think about something too much which happened in the past. Even, people could get melancholia if they spend time by themselves too much. It can be unnecessary things to be worried too mech. However, it sometimes can also be charging time if people use time by themselves effectively. I kind of cannot understand people who always are by themselves. Human are social animal. Human needs social work always. If people use their time by themselves well, it can be effective time for themselves.

Fluency exercise #5 Surprising Election

There was a presidential election on November 4, 2008. I was surprised because of people’s reaction which I have ever seen. When an elected person was decided, people got out into the street. And then, they shouted and started fireworks to celebrate the new president. And, a party in which people looked crazy continued untill dawn. In addition, I saw people who were crying when they were listening to Obama’s speech on the television. It was my first experience of an election day in the United States of America. Usually, Koreans are not accustomed to expressing their feeling with acting. Although Koreans also celebrate the new president, they never make a party to celebrate that like Americans. That kind of big celebrations are just for their running mates, families, and their friends, not for all people in Korea.